The Easiest Way to Look Put Together

Photo by Frank Flores on Unsplash

In my daily life, I often see women wearing jeans and other pants that are too long.

This is less noticeable when said pants are paired with flats or sandals, but when worn with ankle boots, pants can bunch up like an accordion. And the higher the shaft, the worse it gets.

It only costs an average of $10 to get pants hemmed at your local tailor. While I understand that can be a significant cost to many, it is possible to buy well-fitting, affordable jeans at the outset.

No matter your budget, many brands offer jeans in petite or short lengths for ladies 5'4" and under (@ me) for no added cost. If your preferred brand does not offer a petite option, consider hemming. Some stores even offer free hemming with your purchase as long as you’re a rewards member. I get all my jeans tailored or petite to hit just at/above my ankle. It gives you a cute, slightly cropped look with sandals for summer while being the perfect length for booties. The hem hits right at the top the boots’ shaft — no bunching here!

Here’s are two examples of each style for comparison:

Photos: Neutral Rebel

The photo on the left is of our The Don Ankle Booties in Camel Suede. The long hem of the jeans eat up the top of the shoes, almost hiding them. In the photo on the right, featuring the same booties in Black Leather, the ankle length of the jeans showcases the boots without looking like your mom’s capris. Cropped ≠capris.

“Can’t I just cuff them?”

Sure, you can, but it looks cleaner, classier, and more streamlined to not have a cuff. Your leg line will be elongated, and the eye will be drawn from head to toe, rather than being cut off at your ankles.

“What if I want to tuck my boots into my pants?”

If you want to wear your boots under your pant leg, there is a deliberate, thoughtful way to do that. In fact, it’s what “bootcut” jeans were made for! Bootcut jeans are typically slim through the hip and thigh, widen past the knee, and hit just above the floor, making room for the shaft of a boot to fit underneath the pant leg. Flared jeans work well for this, too, if you want a retro 70s vibe.

Moral of the Story

Our KanCan Skinny Jeans, which we carry in two different styles, are both cropped ankles. During the fall and winter, boots are a staple, and this style of jean makes achieving a chic look that much easier.

“Be yourself. Know your proportions. Have a good tailor.” — RuPaul

In sum: if you want an effortlessly put-together style, consider taking some extra time to get your pants tailored or shop ours at Neutral Rebel.


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